What are you?

About a year ago, a good friend of mine (thank you Tom Lane) asked me this question.

What are you?

At the time I answered, “A Ray of LIght.”  Years ago, I would have said, a triathlete, a mom, a teacher…a woman.

I am...

Every word in our vocabulary carries with it the history of every experience we’ve ever had associated with that word.  According to Websters Dictionary, the definition of mother is: a female parent.  But come on…when I see the word mother or read the word mother, it brings along a whole list of images and informal definitions that are the result of my experiences with what the word mother represents to ME.

That’s why when I say “I am a mom” I am personally expressing one thing, but more than likely you are interpreting it as something different.  Every word carries with it a slew of additional meanings because we all have unique histories and unique contexts through which the word must pass first before it receives the meaning we are giving it in our thoughts/brains.  It is the space between words–this  in between..in which I am fascinated…where the energy that radiates from our history/perception/context with that word is experienced.  I believe it is somewhere in this space of nothing or in between where “what I am” exists…its not a word, but an experience, a whisper or breeze.

That’s why when I ask “who are you?” a response such as “a runner” doesn’t really tell me what you are…but it tells me what you do!

So…I’m not kidding…I really want to hear because I am on this journey with you too…“WHAT ARE YOU?”  I am sure that the insight I yearn for, is there for me to see.