Sometimes when I meet a stranger, there is an automatic “click.”  With another stranger, the click doesn’t occur. What’s that about?  What is the purpose behind “the click”?  Why do these immediate connections occur?

Tonight I attended a “later than usual for me” yoga class.  The instructor Daniel is one of my favorites.  I “clicked” with him from the first moment I met him on Facebook.  Everything about him resonates with me.  His photographs…his quotes…his status updates.  He is a loving, compassionate person and is incredibly free in how he chooses to express himself.

I’ve done a lot of flying over the last few years and my travel is on the increase. Within seconds of arriving at my seat, I can determine whether there is a “click” with the person next to me or not.  Not to sound too whoo whoo, but there is a surge of energy that is positive.  On the other hand, I have experienced quite the opposite with people, when the energy surge was more of a downer…and even at times provoked a kind of uncertainty or fear within me.

David Hawkins, author of “Power Versus Force” suggests that when we transcend through various levels of consciousness the vibration of our energy changes. There is an immense amount of research (Eastern healing methods are based on much of this research) which indicates that we are energy and because we are energy we vibrate.  Hawkins suggests that when we experience this “click” it is because we are in sync with the other individual and the wavelength of energy they are emitting.  We are living within similar planes of consciousness/evolving spirit.

Some might call this the law of attraction.  We are like magnets to those ideas, people and concepts that radiate at the same wavelength we emit when we share like-minded concepts and ideas.

The Law of Attraction

And while all of this explains the “click” I find that I am more fascinated with the frequency and ease of their occurrence.  (Coincidence?  Eye contact?  Do I see a theme developing here perhaps?)  I enjoy the sensation of experiencing a click and am, in more cases than not, thrilled when they occur…and often times so immediately!

I have been truly amazed by the growth of the Girls on the Run program.  To begin the program with 13 girls in 1996 was incredibly satisfying…but to directly serve over 90,000 families in this year, is downright extraordinary.  For me in many ways, I am unable to grasp the breadth of the program’s reach.

Rooted deep within each of the core values of our program, rests one very powerful yet simple underlying notion…love is real and there is a mysterious quality to its power.  David Hawkins would certainly describe it as an emission of energy at a certain level which attracts people.  And while this may be a reasonable explanation for it, I enjoy thinking that someTHING/the Divine/God/Higher Self is at work here and actually drives the science behind that connection. Why else would the connection occur or even be important?

Just as the sky is blue for reasons we can certainly explain scientifically, but  are unable to explain why blue is the “chosen color”, I like to reach deeper than the scientific explanation for why “the click” occurs and explore why having clicks are important in the first place and why they bring us joy…why they feel so darn good!

What do you think the “click” is all about and why are they important?  Any interesting stories to share?