Coffee Conversation

Molly:  Good Morning God. I’ve got lots on my heart and mind this morning. Mind if I share?

God:  Sure. You know I really dig when people do that.

Molly:  Okay. So, first I’m feeling an immense amount of gratitude for my friends. I have lots and lots of them. They go to bat for me when I need help and send me joy when I’m feeling down. It’s really astounding to me how supported I feel. It’s something I’ve only recently come to see.

I feel so loved and connected at times it makes me cry.

God:…and?  I know there’s an and there…because I know you.

Molly:  Well yes there is an and; and for some reason it feels a little scary to talk about it.

God:  I’m listening.

Molly:  I have a friend who is struggling right now. He has dedicated much of his life to love and light and doing the right thing. He is truly a beautiful human being.

God:  Oh my Me…Molly. Get to the point.

Molly:  He came out to his friends and family.

God:  And this presents a struggle?  I don’t get it.

Molly:  Well the struggle comes because  his network of friends…friends he has worshipped with, gone on mission trips with, built homes for the poor with, raised children with…have told him he is no longer welcome to worship you…at the church he has attended for nearly 20 years.


Molly: God, are you there?  Hey…what do you think about this?  I don’t get it. How can they do this to someone so beautiful and real and honest?


Molly:  He is hurting. His heart hurts. He feels alone and is trying to understand.


Molly:  God…please. Explain. I love him.

God:  Well…then. Do that. Do more of that. Remember your friends and how supported you feel by them? Be that.


Molly:  And what are YOU going to do about it. I mean you are God after all.

God:  Same thing.

Molly:  (A big sigh.). I wish it was more complicated than that.

God: Funny isn’t it? to kill a mockinbird.