Due to where my heart lies and where the last month has taken me…I’ve been away from the political scene and news for a while. 

I think maybe that’s good. 

I’m challenging myself to remember that all political candidates…are people too…humans beneath the facade, the story, the media and the politics. 

I’m wondering what it would be like to sit down with them them and ask, “Why do you matter?” “What does it mean to seek first to understand and what makes that so difficult?” “What happens when you listen to someone…really listen without an agenda and why is that so hard to do?”

It’s all so frustrating and the truth is…just drives me crazy. I wanna stomp my feet and scream…”Can’t you see? Can’t you see? There’s people dying out here. This is not a joke. This is serious stuff. America has so much good AND so much suffering. Let’s look at both! Yes BOTH at the same time!”

I am in DC and yesterday, ran past many of the monuments. I took a moment and ran to the brick at the Lincoln Memorial where MLK stood and delivered his “I have a dream speech.” I stood there for a minute or more. 

I ask myself this morning…why do I care so much? Sometimes I wish I could let this go. What continues to drive me to pursue the bridges, the listening, the space between where suffering and joy meet, where human and spirit meet, where you and I meet?

And I think it’s because once I’ve seen the humanity in one person…I can’t deny its existence in all. 

That’s all I’ve got for a Sunday morning.