I’ve met a lot of young people over the years. 

And this past Tuesday while speaking to a group of high school girls on the Grand Cayman Island, I do believe I met one of the most insightful people yet. 

We were discussing the concept of being “unmessable with.”

I had shared that being resilient is a fantastic “tool” to have in life because no matter who we are or where we live, stuff happens. Being able to rise up and out of whatever trauma or negativity comes our way…can be helpful in letting go of events and things that no longer serve us. 

I asked the girls, “So when you are unmessable with, how do you feel? Can anyone here put words to that feeling?”

After a few shares, a very petite, brown girl (with glasses) said, “at peace.”

“Tell me more about that,” I said. 

“Well when you’re at peace with yourself, nobody can get to you. You can stand in the truth of who you are.”

I told her that was about the wisest thing I’ve ever heard. 

And that I won’t ever forget her. 

(This meme came to me via Elizabeth Butler.)