I’m taking some time to nourish myself.  I was becoming overwhelmingly cynical…and bitter.

So I decided to take a few months away from social media. As a matter of fact, I’m “away” from it now.

I’m using the time for lots of other things…reading real things like books and newspapers, running in nature, sleeping 8 hours a night, nourishing my body with healthy and yummy foods and also taking the time to intentionally reconnect with my Higher Power.

I first met my Higher Power when I got sober, almost 25 years ago.  I’ve never been much of a religious person….but I have always been aware of connection…a deep and soulful one, both with myself and other people.

It’s been good reconnecting.  I feel more grounded and more at peace. I’m getting more done by DOING less.

I made these little notes and posted them around my little home.

“Dear Molly…Guess what?  You are not in charge of everything.  Just the stuff you are in charge of.  God.”

“Dear Molly…I chose you…and everybody else.  Remember that.  God”

“Dear Molly.  You’re welcome.  God”

“Dear Molly.  Be still and you will find me.  Got it?  God”

“Dear Molly.  Let’s make a deal…you do all the good you can in the world, and I will too.  God”

your welcome

That’s what I got for ya today.  Happy Thursday.  🙂