You see these two humans? These are people doing the work. 

Amber comes to Red Boot meetings and the minute we met…we knew why. 

We see people. 

And that’s why she is about to drop the comfort of a “real job” to work full time at The Free Store Charlotte. 

She’s getting ready to take the space up a notch. And when I say take it up a notch…I mean open it wide to hearts and minds and all people!! (More to come on that!)

Their motto? Give what you can. Take what you need. Connect with somebody. 

It’s not that complicated. The Free Store embodies so much of what Red Boot is about. People from across a wide variety of backgrounds and beliefs…spending time together, listening, sharing and connecting. 

Curtis was at the Free Store painting. He volunteers there. Curtis has been having some problems with his right eye. 

I noticed it right away. “What’s up with your eye, my friend?”

“Cataracts, the result of a botched procedure.”

He doesn’t have the money to fix it. So I told him I would ask around. (Message me if you have any ideas. 🙏💙💜❤️) 

Curtis also volunteers seven days a week at the men’s homeless shelter. From 5 am to dinner time…he feeds people. After talking with him for a while, I think he also loves people. 

I’m excited that next year, we’ll be hosting a Red Boot meeting there. 

In the meantime…check it out. I hung out in the space this afternoon and met some pretty amazing people with some pretty amazing stories. 

I think I learned something too. 

And yes…Love is definitely spoken there.