I have to speak today. 

It is my birthday. I am so grateful for the kind and loving comments. They warm my heart. I love all of you. 

And just a few miles away…my city…the city where I was born is crying to be seen, heard, understood. 

A black man is dead…police officers are injured. 

Last night moments BEFORE the shooting occurred, I reached out to my friend Patricke Ward. 

He is on The Red Boot Coalition Board. 
He is courageous. He is bold. He is honest. He is compassionate. He is loving. He is Black. 

I asked him, “If I can get a meeting with our Chief of Police…will you go with me to see him? Our police need Red Boot. Our neighborhoods need Red Boot. 

Perhaps they could use it internally or invite folks in their precinct to do the meetings with them.”  

He said he would be up for that. 

And so I’m committed to this. Whether this actually happens or not, I cannot predict. But I do know…because I have experienced it first hand and because Patricke is my friend..that while our hearts here are breaking…there is also hope.  

There is always hope. 

There are the listeners, the doers, the lovers and the bridge builders. 
And so my plea to you this morning…is to go into your own world and be one of those. 

Cuz Lord knows…people are dying to be heard, seen…to be loved.