It’s Sunday morning and I’ve been thinking a lot about Love.

 And wondering…can I stand for love without being against hatred?

 And then it kind of hit me.

 I will stand in love. With love. Be love.

 See the difference?

 Am I willing (and brave enough) to go to where there is hatred and be this, stand in Love and be Love.

 It is one thing to be love where there is Love, but another to be Love where there is hatred. I am wondering if this is how I can change things without condemning, judging others.

 And then of course I ask myself…Is this enough?

 Over the years I have collected these photographs. (They were not taken by me but were shared via the Internet.)

 I love the children in these photographs. They are standing in their own story, their own truth, their own Love without condemning, excluding or judging others.

 It’s like they are saying, “Here I am. Me and Love. Yep…this world is swirling all around and I will stand here in my truth. Here I am, being me and it is beautiful and it is Love.”

 I yearn to be like them. To be Love as they are.