Last night, I went to dinner with a woman who moved to Marfa from Mexico when she was 12…she and her 9 brothers and sisters…along with her mom and dad. Her mom was a US citizen (Mexican descent) and her Dad was from Mexico.

She raised her kids in and around Marfa. Her daughter joined us. Her daughter is 20, on a full academic scholarship to a Texas state university and is also on an athletic team at the university…a stellar athlete. Her daughter has agreed to take care of my fur babies when I travel.❤️💛💚❤️💛💚

We talked about so many subjects and our connection warmed up as the evening progressed.

I asked them how they felt when the President spoke about Mexican immigrants.

“It hurts. And by the way, there’s drug users who grew up and live in America. I mean, aren’t they the ones buying it? It’s a bigger issue than immigration. It’s complicated and a wall will do nothing, but waste time and money.” We talked about this for a while, the complexities of this issue and how a wall…doesn’t address them. Just complicates things even more.

I shared with her at some point that I was in recovery for addiction. She received that information with warmth and grace.

We talked marriages, raising children, trusting our kids to make healthy choices, the fear of letting them go but having to.

We talked about learning new languages and the embarrassment of trying out the first words we know.

“I know this. El hombre corren,” I said. They both smiled and then she told me a story about how she was bullied as a kid, trying to learn English. She would prepare her remarks over and over in her head before she spoke them out loud and then just go for it.

I never thought about the courage it takes to speak up in another language, until now. Why is it that I myself feel fear when trying to speak Spanish?

I asked her how she felt about all the artists coming into town. She feels good about it. Thanks to the influx of people and art she has job opportunities she would have never had. “Before the artists came the only jobs for people like me were minimum wage at the grocery store or dollar store. I know others who don’t feel the same way. I think there’s two sides to the same coin.”

We agreed that life was like that. Everything has a positive and a negative and somehow maintaining a realistic perspective and some kind of balance there is the sweet spot.

I texted her later that I think we have a lot in common and I’d like to go to dinner again.

The sun is shining today and the wind is not as strong…correré hoy and maybe visit the Big Bend Museum. I’m not sure if it’s been affected by the shut down or not.