Come Visit

Well, it’s official. I just extended my lease through April of 2020. Who is ready to visit? Come on! I will introduce you to this marvelous little town, find a nice place for you to stay, visit the art galleries and the amazing restaurants. Bring your bike, your running shoes and your swimsuit. This landscape […]

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Captain Ricki

This is Rick. He’s a captain with American Airlines. I had the privilege of flying on his last flight! He is retiring after 30 plus years of doing what he loves. First in the Air Force, then onto US Airways and now American Airlines. When we arrived firetrucks were waiting, with water and celebration! His […]

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This! This! This! Oh how my big ole heart is singing! It’s okay if you have no idea why I’m posting or what this is about, it’s okay. Just know it’s good. I think back to the really, REALLY scary parts of raising an extremely creative, independent-thinking-and-doing teenage boy…wondering if we’d ever literally live through […]

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Over Thinking

I think overthinking gets a bad rap. As with everything, there’s a balance there. When I was a kid, it was my overthinking that saved me from the highly dysfunctional (and at times dangerous) house I grew up in. My overthinking/imagination would take me to places that were protective and safe. Sure, it can lead […]

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I’m learning. I look back now and see how I was raised to give and give and give. It’s that “Good Girl Syndrome” I see many of my generation and tribe were raised to believe about our worth. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving…giving without boundaries makes for a very tired and […]

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The Tie in the Grass

Hank was six years old and Helen was three when we moved into a run-down duplex. I had just enough money for the deposit. I never planned on being a single mom, but that’s just how life played out. A friend gave me their old king-sized waterbed. The kids and I would sleep on that […]

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Coming Home

This may not seem like a big deal, but first time I’ve had a license plate other than a North Carolina one. I love this place. Slowly but surely getting connected. Tonight I will be attending a town council meeting. Tomorrow it’s weeding the grounds of the local community health center. Next week it’s dinner […]

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