This is Connie. 

Connie lives in my neighborhood.

I was coming back from the gym, when I noticed her sign. 

You can see it here. 

So I stopped and asked. 

She spoke passionately about her choice for President. 

I listened. 

I marveled actually at how enthusiastic she was by the whole process. 

“I’m 61 and I’ve never been this fired up about an election in my whole life.”
I shared with her that I was more curious about her “Ask me why” sign…than her actual response to it. 

“It seems like we’ve stopped asking each other why…maybe because we don’t feel safe to ask why…somehow in this election we’ve shut down…there’s a lot of “I AM RIGHT” but not a lot of listening.

I thought my little sign was a way to change it up.”

I mentioned the word Love. I told her about my work to embed compassion into these conversations…to listen to each other with our whole hearts…that this election was giving me lots of practice. 
We smiled. Laughed and decided that starting with the two of us was a great beginning. 

As I pulled away she shouted, “Ya know all movements begin one by one by one.”

(As always, I asked Connie for permission to write about our encounter. 

“I promise that what I write will be with positive intent.”

“I trust you,” she said. 

As I write this little piece now…I find this part of our encounter quite extraordinary as well.)