As a follow-up to my blog piece from yesterday, I was aware that as I wrote it and hit “publish” something about it just didn’t sit right.

And the part that didn’t sit right hit me during yoga this morning. (Yes…I know…I really shouldn’t be thinking during yoga, but on occasion thoughts like this just hit me upside the head, whether I like it or not.)

It’s pretty easy for me to sit outside the walls, over here in my happy world, and lay claim to what is right and wrong, but the truth is…the buyer, the clerk, the creator of the flasks I referenced yesterday probably don’t feel like they have any option but to conform to the culture they feel obliged to please…that culture being us.

If the clerk refused to put the display out on the floor, she/he will more than likely be fired. The buyer may feel a kind of informal sense of responsibility to purchase items such as this or she/he will lose his/her job. If they don’t throw these items out on the floor for the general population to purchase, the general population will go somewhere else to purchase these items. Shock value sells and we, meaning the consumer, buy the stuff.

It’s all very confusing. The circle of it seems to just go round and round without ever stopping.

I’m still brought back around though to the notion that we don’t know each other anymore. I was “doing” the very same thing to the buyer I spoke of, in my blog piece yesterday, that I claimed she did…judging her based only on information that I pulled together through assumptions that she/he was indeed in it only for the buck. I wonder might happen if instead of asking her to sit down with her consumer, I asked to sit down with her…exploring what her work is like…wondering who the real person is that makes these decisions…how many kids she is supporting. Is she single? Married? Pressures? Worried? It’s so easy to want to blame, to name, to suggest that someone here is wrong, but the truth is, we are all in this together. Where do we draw the line and who draws it?

So…I’m wondering…what would happen if I sat down to learn HER story…hear what it feels like day in and day out, to go into work and maybe know at her core that the “stuff” she buys and then distributes is demeaning and belittling the customer who buys it…but feeling helpless or afraid to speak up for fear of losing her job, not feeling supported to make change from within the corporation where she works.

So…if you are still here and even a little bit interested in all of this (you must be if you made it this far) I’m curious…and I ask you with a real and genuine desire to hear back from you…what do you think about what I’ve shared here? Are their solutions? Is there anything to actually solve? Is there even a problem? What is the problem? Use the comment section and let’s talk about this. Because my brain is on overdrive and yoga isn’t helping! 🙂