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Today I am headed to Kingsport Tennessee. The awesomtastic Ann Davant Crehore​ and I are training 50 elementary school teachers to become Red Boot guides at Seviers Elementary School.

This really is amazing to watch this movement grow.

Here’s what other Red Boot Teachers are saying.

Red Boot is making ME more aware of how my actions can positively influence others and the world around me.

Red Boot is making me a better teacher. I sometimes need to explain complex ideas to 7 and 8 year olds.

I wish we could do more of these as a staff!

Red Boot is leading the way for good discussions on many topics that we don’t ordinarily discuss in the traditional classroom setting.

I am paying more attention to what my students really want to express and waiting patiently when the silence fills our classroom…

Red Boot is giving me a greater understanding of my kids and how they think.

Red Boot allows me to learn from my students and to show them that even teachers are human.

Red Boot has taught ME SO MUCH. I do not allow a bully,  that I used to be “friends” with, in my life.

Red Boot is showing me a different side of some of my students and helping us be more connected

Red Boot is helping me become more aware of the problems and issues that some of my kids may face. Those that share have shown to be very reflective on many of the questions and respectful of each other’s answers.

Red Boot Reminds me that in a world often full of stress and conflict – we are ALL full of love, pain, caring, and passion – AND – we all have a desire to belong and make the world a better place in our own way.

I would be immensely honored if you would like to join the Coalition. Please email us at info@theredbootcoalition.