Good Morning Friends:

I am working on a “pilot” of an experiential program called “Camp Marfa.”

The program will take place this spring/early summer right here in Marfa, TX.

The program will be one week in length (due to its rural location, coming to Marfa is a commitment all by itself ❤️🌻❤️🌻) and addresses one and/or both of the following items:

1. You are intrigued by Marfa, the lifestyle here, the peace, the quiet, the all-of-it. Something about this place feels like a place you’d like to visit. The big sky? The art? The solitude?

2. You feel a yearning. You may not be sure exactly what it is you yearn for, but you are listening and you know it’s there. Something deeper? Less complicated? More meaningful? A change?

The program will max out at 12 people and will include hikes, lots of time for reflection, time under the stars, discussions with innovators, artists, changemakers, activists, locals…basically some of the most inspired and inspiring people you will ever meet.

The program will be a balanced blend of doing and being.

And to be clear. This isn’t about selling Marfa. It’s not about selling anything…no convincing or persuading.

Its about providing an opportunity to tap into that yearning you feel, with others who feel it too; to share next steps (if that’s what comes up) and/or integrate what you experience at Camp Marfa into your life, in some way.

The creative process is one of risk AND discovery. I’m not ready to present it as a finished product because it’s barely just begun and that’s why I’m reaching out in this manner.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of please email me at

I will be communicating each step of the way (via email and zoom, not social media)and should your attendance not work out this go round, it is my hope that the program continues for some time to come.