Yesterday while at the Post Office I recognized the mayor of Marfa walking in just ahead of me.

Ann Marie Nafziger was elected in 2017. She has been living here for close to 14 years (I think I’m remembering that correctly). I was able to recognize her from the few videos I watched in advance of coming to Marfa. She is often featured in them.

I introduced myself to her, as numerous folks passed by saying good morning. She knew everyone’s name.

We talked for a moment or two and then we talked about an initiative she’s been working on around affordable housing…actually housing in general.

Yes, this is one of the biggest challenges facing Marfa.

They are forming a commission to take a hard look at what’s happening with housing in this rustic Far West town.

My inclination is to jump in, but that just doesn’t feel right. Right now, anyway.

A significant takeaway I learned back in Charlotte, specifically around housing…is that true and impactful progress is made when those being most impacted by it, are front and center in the discussions and decision making…LEADING the way, actually.

My guess (hope?) is this happens more naturally in a small town. There’s more human connection between everyone living here. I mean, you have to look each other in the eyes every day, pass each other on the sidewalk, shop at the same grocery store. (I may discover something quite different, but I’m at least assuming the positive.)

She also told me about a group of folks who are part of a reading program at the local elementary school. That feels more right, at least in the moment, and will be something I follow up on once school is back in session after the holiday.

“You might also consider attending our council meetings. Those are a great way to get involved.”

Today it’s supposed to be 71 degrees and sunny. We are in the desert after all.

Maybe I will go for a long run or then again maybe I won’t.

Right now I’m typing these words, drinking coffee and appreciating how when I allow things to happen rather than force them…things happen.