This is Aimee. 

I just met her. She was in line behind me at the Starbucks. 

Full of life and light, she radiates that kinda “thing”…that well…just radiates. 

I’m barely awake and she is just so darn…put together. 

Even her leg…her prosthetic leg! Yes. I couldn’t help but notice her lacy, fancy, very feminine, beautiful prosthetic leg. 

Do I say something? I’m sure she sees me looking. Intrigued by the statement of it…of her…of how she just freaking owns it! The sister owns it!

She smiles at me. I smile at her. That moment of recognition…of SEEING the other. 

And so I say, “I can’t help but notice your leg. There must be a story there.”

Aimee begins. 

She was hit by a car three years ago. The driver was texting. She lost her leg in the accident. (I learn later after reading about her that she also lost her unborn child.)

I ask her how she’s doing. That I’m sure there’s a lot of loss there. A lot of self discovery. 

“I advocate for a group that deals with the dangers of texting and driving. I also work for Optimus Prosthetics…the company that makes these amazing prosthetics. I’m a patient advocate. I work with folks who need these.”

She is clearly doing okay…turned her tragedy into something purposeful. It doesn’t mean though…that it hasn’t been tough. 

We talk for a few more minutes. 

I remember my post last night…about love…and realize for the brief three minutes of our encounter…it just can’t get any better. 

“May I take our picture and share your story?”

“Sure,” she says. 

So here we are…Aimee Eckert and me. 

Standing in line at the Starbucks, somewhere near Lebanon, Ohio… talking about life, tragedy and overcoming both.

(Since posting this I’ve done my homework on this amazing woman and I encourage you to read this link. 
There is much more to her story. Wow. Wow. Wow.

Aimee Eckert…I am humbled by YOUR humility and am so honored that you took the time to engage with me…a random woman at the Starbucks. But then again…maybe it wasn’t random at all.)