Tom Interview

Last week I wrote a post about wishing for real human dialogue when it comes to leadership.  You know…the REAL stuff.  Like why you do it?  What makes you cry?  What makes you laugh?  What are your weaknesses and strengths?

Several people got back with me…and I’d like to give a shout out to Tom Adams…for going first. One of my questions  to him was “where does compassion play into your life?”  We talked about a lot of things…humor, vulnerability, weakness, strengths, connection, loss and leadership…to name a few.

Tom is a human and he is running for mayor in Fort Mill, SC.  🙂  He currently sits on their town council and ran for Congress in the last election cycle.

There will be more to come. Thanks to Sarah Batista and her crew for making today happen.

I look forward to more interviews and working with to bring those into the world.

Keep your eyes open as we begin sharing these candid human interviews.

If you are interested in what these “different kind of interviews” are all about…direct message me here.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about…here was the original post.

So I have a dream…a hope…a wish actually and I just wonder if there might be someone out there who…in some random way…might help make this dream a reality.

I watched the Democratic Debate last night.  I watched the Republican debates previously.

And what continues to fill my thoughts (and are increasing in volume even as I write to you now) are the words and the questions I think are missing from the dialogue.

I have a long list of them.  I also know that I’m good at asking these kinds of questions.  I go deep.  I go in.  I go UNDER all the exterior stuff and go straight to the emotional and human heart.  🙂 I’m easy to talk to.  (Remember the Red Boot Ride? 🙂 )

So…I wonder if the possibility might exist somewhere out there…for these kinds of questions to be asked…to be shared…to be heard by the American People.  Sure it’s risky for a candidate…but it’s what’s missing…and it’s what I think many, many Americans want to hear!

I mean think about it.  We don’t talk about leadership anymore. We talk about things.  We talk about policy; but  we don’t talk about character or process or the “stuff” that drives our leaders.  We don’t talk about their WHY’s or get to know them as human beings.

We don’t see them as people (with their own set of core values) and I just think that’s really, really weird.

AND if I let myself really go there…I think it’s actually really, really disturbing.

Can you imagine going in for a job interview and your future employer avoiding questions related to how you work, your leadership and workstyle, your strengths and weaknesses, your core/work values?

Weird I’m telling you. Totally freaky.  The best leaders are the most self-aware…those who reflect…those who are conscious of how they lead.  Those who are in a constant state of self-assessment.

So…here are a few questions that I think would be fascinating to ask:

1.  Tell me me how compassion plays out in your role as a leader?

2.   Please share with me a time you were completely wrong about something.  How did you handle that?

3.  What is your leadership style?  How do you lead?

4.  Could you share with me your strengths?  Could you share with me your weaknesses?  How do you plan to address those?

5.  What moves you? What makes you feel?

6.  Why do you want to be “whatever office you are running for”?  There are many other things you could do in this world…why this?  What drives you because after all…no one is making you do this.

7.  Many of our greatest spiritual teachers speak of love…as one of the greatest forces on earth.  What do you think of this?  Where does love fit into your world view?

8.  What do you find is the hardest part of being involved in politics?

9.  How would your children or grandchildren describe you?

10.  How do you decide when to stand up to someone or when to let go?

So…peeps…I’m raising my hand to ask those questions.

Any willing candidates, locally or nationally who want to have that conversation with me…let’s do it. If you say yes…I’m sure we can figure out a way to share it.

I think it’s time to get real with each other. Direct message me and let’s get this party started.  #redbootmoment

I will travel.