I’m sharing this because it’s intense. 

I’m sharing this because, whether you like(d) the politics of George Bush or not…he was the President of our United States…a father, a husband: a man, who during the hours after 9/11…couldn’t speak with his family. The burden of this day, this tragic day, must live with him forever. I can’t imagine the post-trauma associated with this…for him and the others who shared in this piece. 

I can’t imagine. I simply can’t imagine. I would not wish that on anyone. 

Here we are a few short weeks out from this year’s Presidential Election and I am sickened by the rhetoric this campaign has brought…the circus that has become our media. 


I don’t know how we got here but I’m remembering the fear I felt on 9/11…the helplessness, the wondering…and am trying to imagine how our seemingly fractured nation would respond now…how we the people would respond. 

And so I’ve decided I’m done with the political rhetoric. Most of us have made our decisions anyway. I think I’ll just up my game on building bridges, loving people, listening more. 

And that includes you.

I’m DONE with the “us and them” of this year’s election. 


I’m going to channel the frustration and cynicism I feel regarding this election into doing good, doing what I can to love you, our kids, our differences and similarities. 
Because when it comes down to it…we are all together on the only plane in the sky. Let’s not let politics tear us apart…because that’s when we all lose.

Last rant. At least for now.