A Mama’s Farewell

I just left my girl at airport security. She is off to spend some time with her big brother in NYC.

There is so much I wanna say…like how much it fills my heart to know that my two children love spending time together;

Or how I believe in her right now.

Or that I saw you too…the other mama standing there…crying big tears as you bid farewell to your 6’4” grown son…your cheek resting on his man-shoulder while he comforted you.

I sit now in the airport hourly parking lot crying a little bit…but mostly celebrating all the times I wasn’t sure we’d make it through adolescence…all those times I had to detach from the fear and pain of motherhood…so I could survive; and all the other times when I felt it all, was fully present, was human, just like them…the beauty of the all-of-us-together just trying to figure life out.

“If it weren’t for my daughter, I may still be a caged bird today.”

~Efrat Cybulkiewicz


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