It’s a Wrap!

Thrilled to share that I got second in my age group, 50 to 59. (I’m 59, jus’ saying) at the 6-12-24 Hour World Time Trial Championships In Borrego Springs, CA.

The winner and I broke the course record for our age group by four miles. I got 8th overall in the women.

The race is unique. The idea is to go as far as you can in 6 hours. I did 114 miles (and so did first place. She just finished a little ahead of me. ❤️💙🧡💜💚. )

That’s about a 19.2 mph elapsed time pace. I want to thank Sonni Dyer, my coach, for knowing exactly what I need and to Mark Hoffman at Inside Out Sports for helping upfit a fast bike.

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