The Wisdom Stories

I am thrilled to share that my third book is finally finished.  Would you like a copy?  Then pre-order one (at the link labeled “I want a book!”)  We are ordering a limited amount of the book so pre-order now to get your book included in the ordered count. The first count is set to be out by June 1 and we will be sure to get your copy to you, right away after launch! Order before May 15th and I’ll include a personalized message!

If you are interested in purchasing more than five books, please email us at and let’s talk about a “group” rate.


book cover

As the founder of Girls on the Run and the Red Boot Way,  I’ve had the good fortune to experience truly pivotal moments in the lives of many, many people. I am also the single mom, to two extremely creative and independent kids. This coupled with founding two successful non-profits has taken me on one heckuva messy, fun, scary, up and down and allover-the-place professional and personal roller coaster ride!

The “Wisdom Stories” are a collection of essays about the interesting people I’ve met over the course of my life.

At the end of each essay is space, just for you, to share what nugget of wisdom you uncovered in the essay.  Shortly after the book comes out, we will be launching a private online Facebook community where we can begin sharing and comparing our “wisdom” with each other. There will also be opportunities for you to share your own stories of life, parenting, work and connection.  (My dream, dare I say it, is we begin to build a collection of stories that can then work their way into any number of books on any number of topics.  Jus’ sayin’.)

Please consider pre-ordering now and you can be the first to receive a book when it launches, May 1st!

And remember, I am also happy to speak to your group. Speaking is one of my favorite things to do.  Contact Theo Moll at Keppler Speakers.  Her email is

6 Comments on “The Wisdom Stories

  1. Congratulations, Molly—thank you for training me back in the first days of Girls on the Run. High fives on how far you have taken your mission!!!

  2. Look forward to reading! Congratulations. Coffee before summah! xo

  3. Congratulations! Any plans for a large print or an electronic edition? I can no longer see well enough for regular print books.

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