An American Dream Do Over

I’m not often pissed. But I am today. I’ve felt it bubbling up for a while now.

So I’m warning you…I’m ranting. (And for those of you attending Red Boot I am definitely not using our Red Boot sharing “rules.” I acknowledge that and am owning it.)

I’m pissed because I think the current version of the American Dream…is used to keep things as is. It allows those in power to stay in “power” because it’s using a definition based on how they got their power. It’s so messed up and so insidious in our everyday lives.

That’s right…graduate high school and college, get a job, get married, get a house, get, get, get and then you’ll be happy. No wonder adolescence is a time of turmoil. At that age we’re all being slowly brainwashed. (Harsh I know.)

It’s a big fat lie that keeps the “system” fueling itself.

Think about it. Our American educational system is based on this dream (basing the success of our kids and their teachers on grades and graduation rates.) Our definitions of success are based on this dream. Our mattering “MORE” than other people is based on this dream. Our pay scale is based on this system. Where we live is based on this system.

Get a degree, get a better job, get more money, get happy.

Hank and I were talking and I want to disrupt that system because he and I both think it sucks.

What if being accepted as you were was the American Dream?

What if…when a kid said, “Hey I’m not cut out for school” we asked them, “What ARE you cut out for?” and then did everything we could to help them achieve that?

What if we stopped wanting more things? Think about all that time we’d have on our hands!

What if we quit measuring hsit by the amount of dollars it produced or the numbers of people who graduated or passed or PRODUCED THINGS…hell just quit even feeling like we needed to measure things.

What if we stopped working hard because “that’s the way it is” and started working because we felt valued, needed, important no matter our job?

What if instead of trying to fix people or change people to fit the system, we created programs and systems that fit the needs of the people?

This whole American Dream thing…has people feeling less than (and better than and more than) for completely made up reasons.

Even our political system is based on this notion..

Maybe I’m tired or maybe I’m pissed…whatever it is…I’m feeling extremely frustrated by it all.

I want a new American Dream. One that isn’t based on stuff and measured things

I want an American Dream do-over.

One Comment on “An American Dream Do Over

  1. Wow – People being valued by each other because they are …people; because they are …unique; because they are …diverse; because they …just are; What a concept!

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