I am Naudy

Let me talk to you about inspiration. 

Today I was on a run…when I saw him ahead of me… this man with crutches, one leg, and speed. Man he was fast!

I turned left: but here’s the deal…I’m not sure I would’ve caught him. 

On my way back from my turn around point…I saw him again…this time walking. 

I stopped, “I just gotta say it…I saw you further up Central and you were flying.”

He smiled. 

“How long have you had those crutches?”  

“14 years,” he said. 

“Amazing,” I shouted to him…as I turned and ran toward home. 

But there was this connection. Right? That moment when you see someone and know there is more to the story and you know it will be powerful and bold and beautiful and so you must listen and understand and celebrate. 

And so I turned around and ran back to him. 

“I know you are going to think this is crazy, but sometimes I write about the encounters I have and I wanted you to know you inspire me. My guess is you are an inspiration to many.”

We smiled. 

“I am Naudy,” he said as he extended his hand. 

“I am Molly.”


“So how did you lose your leg Naudy?”

“Cancer,” he said. “Fourteen years ago.”

“You were a young man when you lost it, it seems.”

He counted backwards for a second. “Yes…I was only 19 years old,”

“Where are you from,” I asked. 

“Venezuela…I am now here with my sister. I qualified for a prosthesis, here in America.”

His smile as big as the ocean. Joy incarnate. 

“I’m not used to it yet, but I will be.”
We talked for another several minutes. 

“May I write about this? May I write about you? You inspire me.”

“Yes,” he said. 

Naudy gave me his Instagram account info. 

Iamnaudy is its title. 

Me? Iaminspired

One thought on “I am Naudy

  1. And how many such moments are missed every day simply because we don’t turn around, engage and invest our focus in others! Bless you, Molly, for caring about Laudy and giving the rest of us the opprtunity to be encouraged by his story (and yours.)

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