The Weirdest Night

A weird thing happened last night  I ate dinner at a very expensive restaurant. The meals were each no less than 75 dollars per entree.  I was dressed in my “fancy” clothes and so, too, were all the people in the room. Most of the people in the room looked like me…in our third quarter […]

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My Weird Thanksgiving

I’ve never been a big holiday person. My poor kids.  I’m also not a great cook. As a matter of fact…my kids have always gone to their dad’s house for the food part of any holiday celebration because that man can make just about anything taste delicious.  My kids have always joked about my cooking.  […]

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Left Out

I want you to see my America.  She isn’t all pretty and nice and put together.  No. She’s like us…messy, imperfect, despairing, grateful, joyful, angry, broken and real.  Sometimes she’s mean and sometimes she’s loving.  America is us. She is all of us.  Today I had the privilege of speaking to a group of folks […]

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We Begin

For the last few weeks I’ve found myself crying. A lot.  And let me tell you. This isn’t about the election OR the outcome. Listen to me…MY DESPAIR ISN’T ABOUT THIS ELECTION so please don’t make it about that! No…it started long before.  It pretty much didn’t matter what I was doing. The tears appeared. […]

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Give a Little Love

Hey…so at Red Boot, we like to use “hiking” metaphors. Look at it this way. You can’t go straight for a hike of the Appalachian Trail without training first, right? You have to start small…maybe a walk around the block, and then a walk around the block with all your gear on. I remember when […]

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Almost Ready

I’ve been working on a proposal this morning and had to give some backstory on the Red Boot Coalition. I realize that I have many new folks here and so I thought I would share. In 2014, I founded The Red Boot Coalition ( to address the highly polarized state of our nation and communities. […]

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