13th…The Documentary

A few thoughts after watching 13th, the Documentary.  I’m convinced that humanizing each other…is the most powerful way to disrupt a “system.”  Politics, the criminal justice system, even religion on the fringes, can gain momentum through the dehumanization of people against each other…to call out the “them” as something to fear…hate even.  For some, like […]

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Be That. Be Love

It’s Sunday morning and I’ve been thinking a lot about Love.  And wondering…can I stand for love without being against hatred?  And then it kind of hit me.  I will stand in love. With love. Be love.  See the difference?  Am I willing (and brave enough) to go to where there is hatred and be […]

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For Our Sons and Daughters

I wrote this letter to my son a while back and I think it’s fitting for today…especially as we consider the upcoming election and all that’s happening in my beloved nation.  Dear Hank: I’m so glad you called me last night. I’m sorry if I sounded a little groggy. I had just gone to bed […]

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Breathe Love

I have this symbolic practice of breathing love into the earth each morning.  Like a prayer, my version is just a little different.  I started the practice the first night of the protests in uptown Charlotte.  I was in a yoga class a mile or so from downtown Charlotte when I first heard the helicopters. […]

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Being Heard

Here’s a little something to ponder.  Listening with an open heart to someone…doesn’t make them right.  It makes them heard.  And being heard is about the closest thing I know…to feeling loved.

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Miracles, Protests, Hope and Anger

I’m not sure you’re ready for what I’m about to post. Seriously. I am one not to be surprised by miracles. Really. I’ve seen them happen too many times to question the magic of serendipity and coincidence. But this one? Ya’ll…come on. Are you freakin’ kidding me? Sit down and relax and read this. For […]

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