I Am Trusting

I wanna talk to you about the word “we.” My whole life seems to have been one big experiment in figuring out how to build trust. First with Girls on the Run and now with The Red Boot Coalition!   Ya’ll. Trust is my thang!!!! And now that I’m “in the business” of building trust […]

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I Exist

Another moment of thinking out loud.   The narrative I was raised with…told me, that to matter in the world, I needed things and beauty…a college degree, a resume with important positions on it, a sexy body, a pretty face and money.  Plain and simple.  Last night I was on a panel at a Leadership […]

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Seeing It With My Own Two Eyes

To just give you some perspective.  The size of the crowd at the protests the other night…that is if you took all the people actually protesting and had them stand side by side…was about 1/4 the size of a football field.  If that.  This group included black folk, white folk, people of all ages. I […]

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Finding Joy

I have been working and playing and dancing and crying in this space of listening and healing and holding people…my whole life.  First with little girls in Girls on the Run.  As time went on I learned quickly that big people need healing and holding and listening too.  And here’s the thing.  In all that […]

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Stay With Me

So listen. Don’t go away. I am for you and me. I am for us.  And because you know me…you know that my heart is open and so too is my mind.  So listen up. When I share things…things that make you uncomfortable…please stay with me. I’ve learned that discomfort is where growth starts…where change […]

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