The Joy of the “r”

Can we talk about nurses? Yesterday I had the honor of meeting with three folks from Carolinas Medical Center.  Jo Aitken was one of them.  I’ve known Jo a long time. Last spring she was part of a Red Boot Step Study I led.  She has since become a huge spokesperson for the program; hence […]

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Doing Nothing and Parenting

I’ve decided that so much of parenting is doing nothing.  It took me a while to figure this out.  I finally began to see the power of doing nothing when Hank decided he wanted to dye his hair jet black. He was about thirteen and had long blonde hair. At the time this felt like […]

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Election Fatigue

Signs that you are suffering from “Election Fatigue.” 1. Stories about the Kardashians, “Housewives of…” series and House of Cards Netflix series are all beginning to feel uplifting and poignant.  2. Posting videos of puppies, kitty cats, babies and insects doing remarkable things feels just about right.  3. The moment you fire up your computer […]

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Dear Hank

August 31, 1995 Dear Hank, I want you to know that you are our beloved little boy. We have loved you since we first heard that you had come into being. As your grandmother, I want you to know some things about your mother and the family that she was born into. Your mother was […]

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Dennis Rodman and Me

If you read my post from yesterday…you can see that my daughter Helen and I are moving.  While packing, I found some “GOTR stuff” and thought it might be fun to share a couple of the items I uncovered.  Item 1: Yes. That IS a photo of me with Dennis Rodman. Marisa Tomei and Jane […]

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I’ve never been attached to stuff.  Sometimes this has made me feel like a bad mother.  I don’t have one single trophy from my competitive triathlon and bike racing days…nor one single t-shirt.  I have only a few items from my kids’ childhoods and even fewer from my own.  Holidays and birthdays can slip by […]

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Small TalkĀ 

I used to watch couples at restaurants and feel sorry for them. The waiter would bring the salad, the meal and the dessert and barely a word’ve been exchanged between the pair.  I wondered, “Did they just run out of things to talk about?” I’ve never been good at small talk. I honestly think that […]

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