Remember This?

Back in 2013…I developed a project called “Run2Lead.” The program’s goal was to partner congressional members, each with ten kids in their district…and as a group they would train for a 5k together.  Along the way they would learn about leadership… The curriculum I wrote for the program was chock full of activities around the […]

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Being Afraid…

Dear American Friends, We’ve got a lot going on right now in our nation. Heck…it’s not just here. It’s everywhere.  The world can be a scary place. It’s just part of living in it. I’ve been scared a lot.     I’ve learned a lot in my life and as I look at my own […]

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The Anvil of Love

I have not yet met Charles Malone in person, but I do believe this man and I…this human and I…the two of us are indeed kindred spirits. Charles sent this along…his words. They moved me. i thought they might move you too.   “I think it is no accident that the most successful movements since […]

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I Wear the Red Boot

Today I wear the Red Boot as a way of letting you, all those I meet, and those I do not know yet… That you matter to me; I am a safe person; I will do my best to remain open even if we disagree; that I will strive to seek first to understand; that […]

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Call of Duty

My son is home and we just had a truly enlightening conversation.  I wish it had been sparkly and positive…and certain elements of it were. I also wish I could capture the whole thing in one post.  But he talked for nearly 45 minutes straight. I listened.  He is almost 21 years old.  I asked […]

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Live Streamimg

If you live in Charlotte, (or elsewhere…we will be live streaming from the The Red Boot Coalition Facebook page) please mark your calendars for Thursday July 21st from 6 to 7:30 pm EDT, at the Morrison Regional Library Auditorium in Charlotte, NC. (Near the Morrocroft Harris Teeter.) The Red Boot Coalition is hosting a panel […]

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