Dear Trump Supporter in the Baggage Claim Area

Dear Trump Supporter in the Baggage claim area. 

I know you are a Trump Supporter because you have a shirt on that says Trump 2016. 

You are an overweight white man…in your 50’s I’m guessin’. You wear a baseball cap backwards on your head, a pair of shiny athletic shorts, socks and a pair of work boots.  

I saw you earlier on the plane and as I passed you, I wrote the story of you on the way to my seat. 

The story I read everyday in the news…white, southern, probably racist, uneducated, angry and lower income. 

I’m not proud of myself for that. I am a person who loves…wants more than anything to see past the stories…to the human underneath. 

So damn it…we are in baggage claim and I see you with her. 

Your daughter. 

Your daughter in her wheelchair. She is in her teens. A person with Downs Syndrome…and I watch you get down on one knee and ever so tenderly offer the slice of apple you have pulled from a Disney Princess lunchbox. Hand it to her. Smile as she eats it. 

You hand her another. 

Smile again. 

You offer the water bottle. 

She drinks. 

You are patient. Oh so patient. 

“Anything else honey?” you ask. 

She shakes her head. 

I watch you smile. I watch her smile. 

And for this moment I see you.

Damn the media. Damn these stories. 

Damn it all.

2 thoughts on “Dear Trump Supporter in the Baggage Claim Area

  1. We indeed need to remember how we are affected by the voices that are out there. The tender story you shared is a call to reserve what we see as sometimes a snapshot, yes, a snapshot that can be only partly true. His life and his child matters, and yet his support of Trump will not ‘fix’ the situation. He probably feels frustrations and limitations, and yes, anger for a system that has by their own mouths deluded the populace. I do not judge you for your initial impression. You are astute and are a person of integrity. I have done the same, and I have felt castigated by my own voice in the head when I see and then feel the heart tug when more is realized. However, all that said, he surely will not be better off voting for Trump. Thank you for your blog. I enjoy it very much but do not have a comment always.
    Doug Hutto

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