We’re Gonna Shift This Planet

“With the kind of feminine leadership that’s coming out of this organization, we are going to shift the planet. We are no longer a program. We are a movement.” I want to share my remarks from the 20th anniversary celebration for Girls on the Run. The summit is happening now. Thanks to one of our […]

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Dear Mama of Four

Dear Mama of Four:  I found your message yesterday.  It has been there since December, tucked in among the thousands upon thousands of messages sent to me back when a post I wrote about meeting a Muslim man went viral.  I did not know the messages were there. They were archived and hidden.  To find […]

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“A little thinking out loud this morning.” I’ve been ocean side for almost a week. In eastern NC. Relaxing without kids for the first time in 20 years. Alone. I’ve been coming to the same beach since I was sixteen years old. I’ve noticed more Confederate flags flying than in past years. Mostly on trucks. […]

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Ms. Cabbie

So I coupla days ago I was in the check out line at the Rite Aid near my house.  It was Sunday. I was totally off my game when she greeted me.  “Good morning,” she said in that sing songy kind of southern swangy voice that made me take notice.  Her name is Carolyn. (A.k.a […]

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My Daughter Has Purple Hair

My daughter has purple hair.   I never thought I’d be the mama of a girl with purple hair. Frankly, I thought I’d be the mama of a soccer player…the girl who has the long ponytail, wears her shin guards to the Starbucks and is sporty…athletic…prez of the Student Council. But that’s not who I […]

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