I Could Use Your Support!

Okay…so this is not something I’m too comfortable sharing, but I would love your help.  Apparently the online version of Runner’s World’s Most Influential People in Running, has a VOTE option. (I am so incredibly honored to be on that list.) The winners in each category will get some extra “airtime” in an upcoming  publication. (Thank goodness it doesn’t include a talent or bathing suit competition.  🙂 )

And while I’m not much into “comparisons” (because I think everybody is equally fantabulous) it would be cool to get some more media publicity for Girls on the Run and possibly my new effort The Red Boot Coalition.

So…if you are so inclined to help a fellow human out, would you consider casting a vote for me at the link I’ve shared here and then possibly spreading the word with a share and an ask of your friends?



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