Oh Those Silly F-Words

Years ago…a girl in GOTR and I were waiting for her Mom to pick her up after one of the lessons. We were seated on the curb…chatting.  Cuz…you know…that’s what girls do. Girl:  You won’t believe what happened in school. Molly:  What? Girl:  Well ya see…we had a sub today and she used the F-word. […]

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Dogs and Humans

I love my dogs. A lot. I have three of them. I never thought of myself as a dog owner until well…I still don’t really. I’m a dog lover. They are all different. Ryder is a Black Lab with extra-long-legs. He is majestic and gentle. He is the man of the house. Abigail is the […]

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Shake and Get Over It

When Hank was 9 or 10 he and another fella got in a fight at our neighborhood swimming pool.  It was Saturday.  The pool was packed with kids and the pool deck was packed with parents. I could see the fight coming. Some boys were playing “keep away” with one of those big bouncy balls…the […]

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Oh Those Funny Body Parts

I had the privilege last week of serving on a panel with Nancy Brinker.  She is the founder of the Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure.  While on that panel, Ms. Brinker spoke about the early days of the foundation (It was founded in 1982, the year I graduated college by the way) when […]

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A Different Kind of Conversation

Last week I wrote a post about wishing for real human dialogue when it comes to leadership.  You know…the REAL stuff.  Like why you do it?  What makes you cry?  What makes you laugh?  What are your weaknesses and strengths? Several people got back with me…and I’d like to give a shout out to Tom […]

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I Just Do

When I was a kid there were a few things that scared me: clowns, really old people, dogs off a leash and Santa Clause…not the one who came to my house…but the one in the shopping center.  He just…well…he just creeped me out. But there was one thing that didn’t scare me…ever…and that was the […]

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