The Five Degrees of Why?

Let’s play a little game. I call it the five degrees of why.
I’ve played this game with my children for years and I’m happy to see it show up in their lives as curiosity, intentionality and confidence. 
So here goes. 
Take just about any action, thought or idea and start with “why do I do/think/believe this _______?”
(For example…why do I stop at a stoplight?  
“Because it’s the law.”
“Because if people didn’t stop at the stop light they would get hit.”)
Keep asking why over and over until you can ask it no longer or you get to what feels like a final FINAL  answer. 
It’s really fascinating when we start to challenge ourselves on “things” we have believed or done our whole lives. 
For example: “Why do I wear makeup?”; “Why am I married?”; “Why am I Christian/Jewish/Muslim?”; Why do I go to work everyday?”
If you are brave and willing to have some fun, I would love to hear your final response.
A great starter question…if you can’t think of one…for my friends in particular is: “Why do I run?” 

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