Being White and Being Myself

Years ago, I was on a bike ride with a friend of mine, Jeff. He recounted a funny story back when he moved to NC. A certified Northernite, he had moved to Charlotte having lived his whole life in the Northeast. He “threw baggage” for US Airways.   As I recall his story went something […]

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The Five Degrees of Why?

Let’s play a little game. I call it the five degrees of why. I’ve played this game with my children for years and I’m happy to see it show up in their lives as curiosity, intentionality and confidence.  So here goes.  Take just about any action, thought or idea and start with “why do I […]

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What I Don’t Know

I can never know what it’s like to be black.  I will never know what it’s like to be a man.  I do not know what it is like to be incarcerated.  I do not know what it’s like to own a private jet.  I do not know what’s it’s like to be on welfare.  […]

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