Full Circle.

Today will be a day of great emotion for me. My own daughter Helen…is being trained to be a Girls on the Run coach. When I started Girls on the Run in 1996, she wasn’t born yet. While I was pregnant with her, (I knew I was having a little girl), I wrote the piece […]

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An Open Letter to The President

Dear Mr. President, My name is Molly Barker. I am the founder of an organization called Girls on the Run.  You may have heard of it.  I believe your daughters’ school has a team. I am writing you after having just seen your State of the Union Address.  Regardless of where Americans land on politics, policy […]

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Near Death

Several weeks ago I experienced something that has taken me until now to figure out…to talk about. Returning from an event in Hartford, CT, I was on board an airplane that experienced depressurization.  What does that mean exactly? First…the mechanics.  Airplanes are pressurized to accommodate the humans on board.  At extreme altitudes, earth’s air pressure is […]

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