My Own Hypocrisy

This will be short and sweet.  I am often intolerant of intolerant people.  I often judge judgmental people. And this is why the world is in the mess it’s in. Today I will make the effort to listen for that hypocrisy in my own thinking and question it. Why is it there?  Why do I have to be right?  […]

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Going Crazy

Oh my Gosh…does it feel like the world is just going crazy?  What’s happening?  At some point we have just got to sit back, take a look and say what’s this all about? I don’t think it’s really all that complicated. The way I see it there are two things at work here: 1.) Ego. […]

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The Overview Effect

This morning in one of our Red Boot Meetings, we were discussing The first Step…”We Matter.”  One of our attendees brought up something many of us had never heard of:  The overview effect. The Overview Effect is a cognitive shift in awareness reported by some astronauts and cosmonauts during spaceflight, often while viewing the Earth […]

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I’m Back!

In 1996 I started an organization called Girls on the Run. The program was originally designed to address the Girl Box…an imaginary place many girls go around middle school. The messages of the girl box vary, but the overarching theme comes from a cultural belief that girls and women must conform to a set of […]

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