Anything for a Buck II

As a follow-up to my blog piece from yesterday, I was aware that as I wrote it and hit “publish” something about it just didn’t sit right. And the part that didn’t sit right hit me during yoga this morning. (Yes…I know…I really shouldn’t be thinking during yoga, but on occasion thoughts like this just […]

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Anything For a Buck

So, I guess I’m glad yesterday I was too busy to write this piece. If I had written it yesterday, what was on my mind, the words to flow would have been filled with anger…maybe even rage. Yesterday I received an email from a long-time friend, John Cantrell, and the father to three kids. As […]

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To the Girls of the World

I’m writing to you from an airplane. I am on my way, via Dallas, to Sacramento. I will arrive in Sacramento at 11:00 west coast time. That’s about 2:00 a.m. mine! I will be sleeping like a baby…on my way there, but in the meantime wanted to drop in here for a minute. I get […]

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A Gentle Reminder

You know…sometimes it is surreal to see the growth Girls on the Run has undergone. Admittedly, not all of it has been easy. I used to dream about actually having a button…akin to the one humorously portrayed in an ad for a national office warehouse franchise…that when you hit the button, it says in a […]

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