Love is All Around…I Promise.

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Well…if I’m really honest with you…the last month has been a really tough one. I’m not going to launch into details, but let’s just say…I’ve relied heavily on my yoga, my running and my friends.

I’ve also needed…as in really needed…my quiet time. I’ve been waking up every morning earlier and earlier…fumbled through making coffee and stumbled out to my front porch, sometimes dragging an old down sleeping bag with me. The bird’s first welcome to the day starts around 5:37 a.m. and builds in volume until I wander back inside around 6:30.

I’m becoming increasingly aware, thanks to a number of revelations over the last month, how powerful it is to choose joy, love and hope. I’ve always talked a good game when it came to living in this space, but to be honest, the last REAL challenge I’ve had to that space was nearly 20 years ago. It’s one thing to be joyful, loving and hopeful when everything is peachy, but when the going gets tough…choosing joy, love and hope becomes a true practice in patience, faith and a kind of blind belief that the universe is truly conspiring in our favor, whether we are able, at the time, to see it or not.

I’m working on a new project that is building in momentum and is sure to create a shift in our cultural and societal perceptions around leadership. Funny…I feel like something rather amazing is brewing. Inflection points usually reveal themselves in hindsight…but in this case…thanks to all this angst, challenge, reflection and needed quiet time, I am physically, emotionally and joyfully prepared for life’s work ahead of me.

So on your mark, getting ready, set…here we go.

9 thoughts on “Love is All Around…I Promise.

  1. I loved this post. I’ve been going through a rough patch too and I will see you on facebook and wonder how to be Molly Barker happy. I always want to choose happiness….and sometimes it’s harder than usual. I always appreciate your transparency because it reminds me that we can’t always feel wonderful. But like we teach the girls at GOTR, we just need to ask our friends to help us plug into the positive cord again :-). As I was starting to struggle, GOTR and my girls in it helped me do just that. I couldn’t tell them to do something when i wasn’t doing it myself. It was because of them, the program, and you that I opened my eyes and made very important decisions in my life to make it better and to plug myself back in to the glittery and sparkly cord. I’m glad you found your way back to the glitter too 🙂

    1. That cord activity really is helpful isn’t it. It’s a way to bring me back to center, for sure…even if for a minute or two! Thank you, by the way, Desiree for coaching and sharing your love with all your girls! The world is just fantastic thanks to folks like you, who share your time, energy and love with the program.

  2. I really appreciate you sharing your joy and struggle. My eldest daughter (27) was sharing some doubt about an upcoming change in her life and how the “doubt space” makes her anxious. I told her about a time when I was deciding to join a faith community and asked a leader there if I could join if I still had doubt. My doubt was making me question my faith commitment and was causing lingering anxiety. The leader told me that there is no faith without doubt. For me, faith/hope/doubt are intrinsically aligned. Key is making sure that the doubt portion doesn’t negate faith. Even exciting and necessary change requires faith/hope in some form and, therefore, doubt–however doubt manifests. I was laid off from my job 7 months ago and have had scores of rejections on my steadfast job hunt. Some days it’s hard to have any faith, and then there’s a bleak financial reality that can keep stress and anxiety forever present. But it’s a constant choice to network, go for a swim, run, do a jigsaw puzzle (hadn’t done one since I was little), read a book, call a friend, or take my laptop to a coffee shop for job searching in a change the scenery. My husband and I go camping whenever I have a triathlon, and I love a sleeping bag. I hadn’t considered having a camp-in at my own home, but I’m adding it to my list. I know that I’ve been given another challenge to get to the next right spot for me to do some meaningful work. I look forward to hearing more about your leadership journey and will report on my own wandering
    through nothingness to end up somewhere marvelous.

  3. Hello, Molly…totally get it! We choose our joy with God’s help to comfort and continuing to inspire us. I’ve lost touch with Girls on the Run for various reasons and I always hear from my girls, back from 1993. They continue to run today and thank me…which in turn, I thank you, Molly. For training me way back when at your start.

    We are beginning a new season of our lives, we lost our son (only child) to t-cell lymphoma last July. In his battle, he showed me more courage, strength and faith in a lifetime. I am taking that experience and going for it…

    I wish you the best and hope to hear from you ..God bless you and I wish you continued success.

    And you may just see my name again coaching up here in Northern Illinois, if I can get some funds to help our girls…thanks.

  4. It always feels the most uncomfortable just before the biggest breakthroughs – hang tight! You are being the best you of the moment. I’ve recently discovered the reverse bucket list as a quick way to remember to stay present and joyful: on a scrap of paper, 3 things you’ve done that you just loved for any reason. For me, it’s an instant mood makeover…it’s a slightly different way of finding gratitude.

    And maybe you’re loving mornings even earlier because they are the part of the day closest to rebirth 🙂

  5. Molly thank you being you. I was thinking of you yesterday as you were thinking and praying for my Mom. Good news, we believe she is healthy and her issue was a localized issue and not widespread. Thank you for the love and concern you shared for me. Your post is a reminder to choose joy, choose love and happiness. Thank you for reminding me.
    Jen Fowler

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this part of you with us. It is so brave and honest of you. At Girls on the Run we talk so much about plugging in to the positive cord and it’s important for us all to know that there are times in life where it can, honestly, be hard. I’m so glad that this program also teaches us that we can’t be perfectly “on” all the time, and helps us to find healthy things in our lives that help us plug back in, to help us breathe, find some peace, and find a path to ‘let our light shine’ again.
    I’ve recently been in a place where it’s been a challenge to face the day and find the positive. It truly takes that blind faith you talked about sometimes. Running has been an important, healthy form of therapy to find some peace. Girls on the Run has been continuing to reiterate all those important messages. I need them just as much as our girls do.
    I felt so honored and excited that you were at our 5K in West Chester, PA this weekend. It was so fabulous to see you, with your incredible aura, energy, and excitement for the girls. Also incredible to get a High 5 from you while finishing on the track! How special and empowering!
    Thank you for being YOU and continuing to do this great work and being so involved in this great movement that you started. Your passion really is contagious and inspiring to be the best me that I can be. Thank you for taking the time to be there!

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