When Mothers Rule the World

This week, during a radio interview, the host read an exerpt from my book “Girls on Track.”  I listened as he read it and was moved.  The book hit bookstores about this time of year “way back” in 2004.  I picked it up to read, once again, the words that I wrote and I, with both humor and […]

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Language and the Big Pink Bow

Alright…so go with me on this. When we are just little babies, we obviously don’t know words.  So…our parents escort us into the world of words by pointing at a variety of objects and naming them for us. “Look at this Molly.  This is a chair.”  The dutiful parent points to the chair and says the word […]

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The Playground: The Naked Face Project

I just came across an article posted by Ashley Judd in response to the media frenzy surrounding the news of her “puffy face.”  http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/04/09/ashley-judd-slaps-media-in-the-face-for-speculation-over-her-puffy-appearance.html I simply can’t imagine what the world must be like for women in such highly visible positions…whether it’s the entertainment industry, politics, news, sports figures…the quick analysis of the person based on […]

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I Could Sure Use YOUR Input!

I’m working on an upcoming TEDx talk and could sure use your input.  To get you thinking…let me start here…in 1996 I started Girls on the Run International. Here’s the original “blurb” I used back then to help folks understand what the program was all about. In 1976, I bought my first pair of running […]

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Kids Say the Darnedest Things

Alright…so I’ve been at this for sixteen years…and I’ve heard a lot.  A whole lot from kids.  Kids say whatever they want.  Of course, while this practice could lead to difficulties later in life, when you are a kid, pretty much anything you say is okay because, you are a kid.  It’s that simple. I […]

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