Let Your Light Shine, The Naked Face Project, February 27

So…this post isn’t directly related to the Naked Face Project…but it is highly relevant.

I was in West Chester, Pennsylvania this past weekend for some Girls on the Run events.  A young girl who won an essay contest about her Girls on the Run experience was at one of the events.  Megan, age 11, shared her essay with me.

I cried…right there on the spot.

With her permission, she is allowing me to share her essay with you.  I think you will see why this is so relevant to the conversation.  I invite you to consider…who are our greatest teachers and might we have it backwards?  Children, not yet tainted by some of the less desirable traits of our culture and society, see with such open and willing eyes.

You will know what I’m talking about when you read this:

Megan's Illustration

Girls on the Run helped me let my light shine because it encouraged me to bring out my individuality and sing about how beautiful I am!  It led me to open my heart and know that I can do anything I set my mind to.  When I’m running and learning with my friends at GOTR, I know I can be myself, nobody else, and I’m okay with that! 

GOTR has taught me that I don’t have to hold anything back, and don’t have any limits to who I want to be.  I found a new talent to have and help me be healthy, which is running.  When I run with my teammates, I feel the fresh air in my face, telling me over and over that I can do it!  We can accomplish any goals we have if we try!  

GOTR has shown me creativity, something that will help me let my light shine as bright as the sun, each and every day!  The world has let out it’s beauty brighter than ever before, and now I have the beauty and light within me, ready to burst out with character, talents, and kind, understanding words.  I have learned to share with others the way I am unique, different and special in my own way.  I believe I can do anything and be whatever I want to be, all with the help of GOTR. My body shines with health and happiness, all with the help of my teammates and coach who have walked me through life one step at a time.

Thank you Girls on the Run!  And remember, dream big and let yourself shine.  No dream is too big.

Megan, age 11.

So…now I ask you.  Who has this right and who still has much to learn? Caitlin and I talked about this today in a television interview.


Please feel free to comment on what you have learned by working with young children  or being the parent to one.  If you prefer, email me at mollybarker1960@gmail.com

One thought on “Let Your Light Shine, The Naked Face Project, February 27

  1. This is amazing. I almost can’t believe it was written by an 11 year old… I almost can’t believe it was written by ANYONE. It’s incredible – it speaks so much hope and determination and I am excited to see what this amazing girl & others like her will go on to do. It makes me feel old to acknowledge that there’s an ‘upcoming generation’ than I’m not in anymore, but seriously you are doing a wonderful thing in instilling this message in these girls so early on – I know your work is going to prevent so much damage & hurt and spread so much light, love & encouragement. Thank you for everything you’re doing!

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