The Naked Face Project

I know that today…my life is changed.  I’m not sure I will ever be able to go back, maybe I won’t want to…but to me this is a big deal…I’m shifting.  I’m beginning to see what I’ve tried not to…and it’s scary…if I look at it from the big picture.  So here goes. Every once […]

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Letting It Go

This past year, Girls on the Run changed up our core values, mission and vision statement.  It was time. The organization has grown SO MUCH in spirit.  This constantly evolving “movement”  needed some new values to explain what it is all about.  Here’s what those look like: Girls on the Run honors its core values. […]

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She’s Not Fat, She’s Big Boned

“Heaven’s, no.  That girl isn’t fat.  She’s big-boned.”  Overheard at my gym. Do I dare do it?  The topic is kind of scary.  Actually it can sometimes be taboo.  But I’m going to go for it because…well…because I have to for me, you and the girls in Girls on the Run. Obesity. Yep that’s right.  […]

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