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Reach Up For the Sunrise

I am SO a morning person. One day last week, while driving my children to a doctor’s appointment I had conveniently (for me anyway) scheduled at 7:45 a.m., my son commented out of the blue, half-dozing, half awake. “I just … Continue reading

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I Like My Face Better Naked

I think it’s always important to be honest.  So, true to my word, I should tell you at the outset, there will be nothing of particular significance shared in this post.  Basically I’m just trying to  kill some time until … Continue reading

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She-Power and the Hand-Held Hair Dryer

I’ve always struggled a bit with standing up for myself.  It wasn’t because I didn’t believe I’m worth it or that in theory I disagree with the idea.  It’s that I just wasn’t raised that way. I didn’t even realize … Continue reading

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Words Don’t Work Here

This photo was recently posted on a friend’s facebook page.  My response was JOY!  There is no other word to describe the fullness of this little girl’s expression (or the camel’s for that matter.  :))  But truthfully, I feel as … Continue reading

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I am in New York

I am in New York. I am on the 10th floor of an old building. I am in my friend’s apartment. I hear a horn. Squeaky brakes. Another horn. More horns. A siren. A loud engine. Someone  is yelling. My … Continue reading

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Fifty is the New Eight.

The older I get the more child-like I become.  I’m convinced that 50…is the new 8.  Heck, 40 is the new 8. Forty (and up) used to seem old.  I am not old.  Old people do not wear red cowboy boots.  Old people do not … Continue reading

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Technology Takedown

The music invasion into our home was slow, but steady.  It started with the radio…mundane bleeped out pop music that, only a few years ago, occasionally mingled the word S**t or N***a into the lyrics.  How we got to where I am today is … Continue reading

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