Day 31: All Natural Ingredients

Let me just say this at the outset…this post is going to be very short, sweet and is for the lay-tees…my girlfriends…my seestahs.  Now fellas, don’t get me wrong, you are more than welcome to read along, but I can assure you that it is NOT going to be pretty and there certainly isn’t going to be a […]

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Day 30: Kick-Butt Mom

I do a lot of public speaking.  I hope when I talk, I inspire, provoke and just get people thinking.  I’m getting ready to do a lot more of it.  As I begin to do more of this…I realize that a huge chunk of my personal history has been missing.  The part between when I  […]

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Day 29: Trophy Girlfriend

About two years ago, when my daughter Helen was just 11 years old, she had earned some money by doing additional chores and helping out around the house.  She decided to spend a portion of it on herself.  Our first stop was our local mall and a trendy store completely in sync with their target demographic…girls […]

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