Day 22

Last week, Girls on the Run International hosted a continuing education program for about 18 of our current directors.  These amazing women came to Charlotte, NC to spend two days with the GOTR International staff, to hear about new programs, procedures and operational changes as well as share their experience, strength and hope for the girls and women of the world. 

I am always moved by the passion and deep love these women express for their work with Girls on the Run.  During the last hour of the training, I spent some time with these women…a chance to connect…really connect

I began this time with an invitation to each woman, to first share what she wished for the Girls on the Run program in her community.  The common thread woven in and through every answer shared, was a desire for sustainability…a hope to advance their “arm” of the organization to a space where the program is able to sustain itself…to be financially stable with quality intact and systems in place…such that the organization can thrive with or without their personal presence.

My second question to the group was an invitation to share what they wished for themselves…personally.  “What do you hope to experience within this next year?”

“Personal peace.” 

“The ability to slow down.”

“To be at peace with myself.”

“To recognize that I can’t do it all and to feel a comfort in knowing it’s not only okay, but GOOD for me to delegate.”

The answers continued…every woman…with no exception desired an upcoming year of deep breaths, peace within and a chance to reflect, slow down and feel the slowed cadence of a calm heart.

I, too, yearn for this.  My “default” way of “being” is doing…even if what I’m doing isn’t really accomplishing anything.  I’ve based so much of my past worth in the act of doing that I’ve often missed out on the worth, peace and power I feel by stopping all the doing…and just being.  Time for reflection, sitting within the calm and breathing in the air around me gives me the needed fuel to, when I choose “to do”, be more efficient, focused and available to the business, people and tasks which/who enter my day to day life.

I couldn’t help but draw a line between the two dots presented by question one and two.  Sustainability of our organization…our work…our families…our lives, must first start with our willingness and ability to personally sustain ourselves.  Fueling ourselves with healthy food, a healthy lifestyle, time for quiet/prayer/meditation and  real love from authentic people is necessary, not only to sustain ourselves, but also in creating a healthy, nuturing and sustainable organization.

And as I write, I must admit.  I often put the cart before the horse.  How many times have I said, “I will take some quiet time once I get this item at work done,” or “I’ll take an hour or two for myself once I get the house in order.” 

What ways do you nourish yourself…fuel yourself…sustain yourself?  Are there any things you’ve thought about doing in this realm, but have instead  “put  it off?”  Why do you think we can, at times, be resistant to finding nourish-me-time for ourselves?

Share so that others may gain from your experience.  Let’s see what we come up with!

4 thoughts on “Day 22

  1. Life goes by really quickly as I am waiting to allow myself peace. Always the voices: Achieve, achieve, achieve. Find a way. Make it work. Let it roll off, don’t let them see you sweat. Pull yourself together.

    My life is really great and every once in a while, I stop for a sec and look at the mountains, or the ocean, or the city or wherever I happen to be and remember that. I also have a being=doing mentality, and I try to embrace it but make some of my activities doing just because I want to, regardless of how many vampires try to suck the fun or worth out of it. I’ve been accused of literaly “running from my problems”…but the runs are when I gain perspective (cliche, but true). I write self-indulgent journal entries and stories and I play rock band.

    I have said about a zillion times just this year that I just want peace. But I think peace is a perspective. It doesn’t happen, it is chosen. Hard to do sometimes. But it is a good place to hang out.

  2. I long for the moments….peace for me is found in moments. if i string enough together…things are peaceful for a while. I find peaceful moments while running. I find them when things are good with my kids. I find these moments when I hear my husband come home safely from work. I find them in mundane everyday tasks…

    My life moves at the speed of sound most days so I have to remind myself to stop, take a breath and take it in. I remind others of this as well. Things change. Time moves quickly and we need to remember to stop and take a second (not even a full minute!) to absorb it all. There will be times when we need to draw on these fleeting moments of peace….

  3. Molly, my answers would have echoed the very ones you heard. I, too, struggle with doing, doing, doing (I just blogged about this) vs. the just being. One tool I use is asking myself “what do I need right now more than anything else?” with the expectation that I’ll give it to myself. Almost always, the answer I give to that question is a being answer (to read, meditate, stretch, catch up with a friend, sleep, etc). Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I like what is becoming an “old saying”…I am called to be a human being; not a human doing. It also has helped over the years to stop, ask and notice: what am I becoming in the process of what I am doing?

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