Day 18

Me Against the Tortilla Bowl. What role does food play in your life?   I’m going to just go there. Come on. I haven’t visited a hot topic in a while. So, here it is. Food. Yep, that’s right. Food. We all have a relationship with it…kind of like a family member. We bring her […]

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Day 17

So…I have had what feels like a permanent creative BLOCK to writing pieces for this blog.  Yesterday I figured out why.  Writing for me is a space where I explore and frequently revel in the joyful state I’m now calling the “nothingness”–that state in which I feel completely connected to the present moment.  I’m not […]

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Day 16

So, I’m not comfortable writing about this.  For some reason I’m very uncomfortable with the topic…what is the topic?  Mean, spiteful, (what appears to be) evil-spirited bullying behavior. Let me first own up to the fact that, I’m human, and as hard as I try to root my intentions in love, I occasionally miss the […]

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Day 15

Why do I feel such immense amounts of anxiety when traumatic world events occur?  Japan is half way around the globe?  Why I am so deeply affected? Friday Morning I was in Southern California.  I woke to bright sunshine, warm winds, palm trees and a docile beach. The seemingly peaceful space of what was going […]

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