Day 14

Why do I cry when I’m really happy?  Every time I hear a moving story that is really one of joy…I cry.  What’s that all about?” I’m writing to you today, while I’m stranded (kind of) in the Minneapolis airport.  Lots of snow means lots of delays which means missing lots of connections…so here I […]

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Day 13

How do we figure out our life’s work?  What is my calling?  Why do some people seem to be ignited by their work and others not so?  How do I know what mine is? Today I had the opportunity to speak to the great folks at New Balance at their corporate headquarters.  New Balance has […]

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Day 12

Why do we look so unkindly upon wrinkles? Why are wrinkles seen as less desirable than a “less-wrinkled” face? What’s up with being so concerned with “the signs of aging?” I am enamored by the character lines on a person’s face.  One of the most beautiful faces I’ve ever seen (in a photograph) belonged to Mother Theresa. […]

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Day 11

What are you? About a year ago, a good friend of mine (thank you Tom Lane) asked me this question. What are you? At the time I answered, “A Ray of LIght.”  Years ago, I would have said, a triathlete, a mom, a teacher…a woman. Every word in our vocabulary carries with it the history […]

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Day 10

Sometimes when I meet a stranger, there is an automatic “click.”  With another stranger, the click doesn’t occur. What’s that about?  What is the purpose behind “the click”?  Why do these immediate connections occur? Tonight I attended a “later than usual for me” yoga class.  The instructor Daniel is one of my favorites.  I “clicked” […]

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Day 9

Sometimes I become fearful of the smallest things…returning a phone call…sending an overdue email…telling someone no.  What is that about?  How can something so small elicit so much fear? My son and I were talking, several days ago, in the car.  ( I never knew how powerful a car ride could be until he became […]

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Day 8

Why are hugs something we are wired to need?  Why are hugs so important to our social, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual development?  Basically, what’s up with the power of THE hug? I remember when I was about 40…my 78 year-old Mom shared something with me I have never forgotten. A hug. This wasn’t any […]

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