A few thoughts after watching 13th, the Documentary. 

I’m convinced that humanizing each other…is the most powerful way to disrupt a “system.” 

Politics, the criminal justice system, even religion on the fringes, can gain momentum through the dehumanization of people against each other…to call out the “them” as something to fear…hate even. 

For some, like myself when I was younger it was just a reiteration of what came before me…a lack of awareness. 
Years and years of dehumanizing black people…starting with slavery and moving through various iterations to the most recent one…criminalizing the poor and non-white…has kept the status quo intact. 

I am beginning to see so much…particularly as I ponder my own upbringing. It’s soul-shaking work, frankly. 

Power fuels itself on creating an “us versus them” mindset. 

Can you imagine what would happen if Americans banded together and just decided to love each other? To support each other? To see past all the “isms” to truly see each other as equal? To see the humanity in all? 

To wake up to the power of words like rapists, thugs, illegals, super predators, and how these do nothing but fuel the anger, hatred…dehumanization of living breathing human beings?

To begin where we are. To realize that everyone with a “label” is actually someone with a story, a life, is the child of someone? 

Everything would change. All the rhetoric we’ve heard throughout this election would simply not make sense.

Your thoughts?