I wake up around 5am no matter what time I fall asleep. I have always been a morning person. This morning I wrapped up in a blanket and sat on my porch to greet the day. It is virtually impossible to describe the sunrise in Texas. Here are a few words. Cotton Candy Pastels Silence […]

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A Rock

I found this today, on my walk with the dogs. And I immediately thought…this is us.

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Thin Spaces

This is a photograph of a real sunrise in Marfa, TX. 🧡💜 I’ve discovered a whole new plane of existence here. Marfa has often been referenced as a “thin space.” I believe it. A thin space is where the distance between heaven and earth feels “thinner”…where what is and what is not, exist in the […]

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Super Powers

I’ve been researching the “super powers” of the empath. Besides being emotionally sensitive, empaths are also highly connected to the senses. As I’ve grown older I’ve come to appreciate my connection to sight, sound, smell, hearing and taste. I’ve tried to slow down and breathe it all in rather than be distracted by it. (This […]

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