The UnCovered Self

I just learned a new word.  “Covering.” The word’s origins stem to a book by Kenji Yoshino, titled “Covering: The Hidden Assault On Our Civil Rights.” He writes: “Everyone covers. To cover is to tone down a disfavored identity to fit into the mainstream. In our diverse society, all of us are outside the mainstream […]

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Woven Into Our DNA

I had the honor of meeting President George H.W. Bush and most of his family, along with President Barak Obama, several years ago at a “Points of Light” ceremony at the White House. (Yes. You read that right. Two presidents from different parties actually gave the awards together.) But anyway, I digress.  Before the ceremony […]

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Being Unmessable With

I’ve met a lot of young people over the years.  And this past Tuesday while speaking to a group of high school girls on the Grand Cayman Island, I do believe I met one of the most insightful people yet.  We were discussing the concept of being “unmessable with.” I had shared that being resilient […]

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The Butterfly Effect

***this may have a trigger effect on some of you and includes suicide as subject matter.  There’s this really weird idea I like to think about every once in a while…because it fascinates me.  It’s known as the Butterfly Effect.  Basically the Butterfly Effect is a theory that every single action has an impact on […]

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Far West Texas

Everybody in this town waves.  I met Vivian yesterday. She cheered me on as I ran by. “I’m the person who will always cheer you on.” Or the young Mexican-American woman who goes to college, home for Thanksgiving. Her major is “Homeland Security.” “I didn’t know there was such a thing as a major in […]

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Texas, Mary and Tattoos

Yesterday I met a ray of light.    She calls herself Mary.  She’s in her early 20’s, shoulder length two-toned wavy hair, black eyeliner that starts at the center of her eye and extends far outside her eyelid, thick false black eyelashes, quick to smile, thin, tall and beautiful.  Hank and I are on a […]

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“We’re only as sick as our secrets,” is a very commonly shared expression in 12-step rooms.   When Hank was around 14 years old he started to drift. Prior to that…I had hoped for a unicorn and fairy dust adolescent-mom-experience with him.  But fourteen came and the distance came, too.  It showed up in lots […]

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