Letting Go

Sometimes I feel like a stranger in my own life. Like, who is this person emerging…showing up in the desert, this small town, the sunrise and the sunset. I’m beginning to wonder if maybe there’s something to be learned here that can be integrated anywhere. Why wait? Why blame? Why not “be” with the swirling […]

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Balancing the Coin

Last night, I went to dinner with a woman who moved to Marfa from Mexico when she was 12…she and her 9 brothers and sisters…along with her mom and dad. Her mom was a US citizen (Mexican descent) and her Dad was from Mexico. She raised her kids in and around Marfa. Her daughter joined […]

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Morning in Marfa

I hear the wind as she passes over the tree, the screen door and the windows’ edges. I hear the train as he moves stealthily through the morning night. I am awake. I sit on the futon in this small living room. The dogs sleep next to me. The candles burn. I write these words […]

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Not Waving Feels Wrong

A few semi-humorous, non-essential-to-the-world’s-advancement observations this morning: 1. There’s cold and then there’s COLD. Yesterday the temperature was about 24 degrees. Nothing for you Northerners, I know. But add 20 to 30 mph steady-non-stop-persistent-no-trees-or-buildings-or-anything-to-block-it winds and it’s a whole other level. Even my dogs didn’t want to go out. 2. I’m experiencing time in a […]

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Art Does That

I’m so excited to introduce you to some amazing people. To start with, if you haven’t heard about Marfa, TX, I get that. It’s three hours from the nearest airport and to get here, you have to seriously make an effort. If you are an artist or an art historian, you are likely to have […]

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One Dude with Those Fries

An evening check in and some observations: 1. I heard a siren today. First I’ve heard since arriving here in Marfa, a week ago. 2. Went for a drive and ended up going through my first border patrol check station. The officer asked if I was a US citizen. I said yes and he signaled […]

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The Roadrunner

I have a big kid that lives in my heart. She loves symbolism and magic! And so it’s no surprise THIS amazing bird shows up in my yard everyday. Yep everyday!!!! I saw her when I first arrived. She is a roadrunner. Her nest sits in some high brush off the side of my driveway, […]

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