Mac Miller

****trigger warning/content.  Two days ago Mac Miller died from a drug overdose.  My son texted me within moments of it hitting the news.  Many of you probably don’t know who Mac Miller is. To Hank, back during his adolescence, Mac Miller was everything. He spoke life into Hank’s dreams.   “Yeah I live a life […]

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Random Thoughts

A few thoughts that randomly passed through my brain today: 1. My age is inappropriate for my behavior.  2. I don’t want things and all the things that come with having things anymore and actually get scared sometimes that maybe I’m losing touch with reality.  3. I can no longer tell peoples’ ages. Except for […]

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Is That Weird

It’s recently come to my attention that I ask the question, “Is that weird?” a lot.  I had no idea this question was an overstocked phrase on the shelf of my vocabulary.  But it is.  It seems that anytime I’m unsure of myself instead of saying, “I’m not sure about that” I say “Is that […]

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A Different Photo

It’s been three years since my boy left for college. He didn’t get there by way of a high school diploma. He got there after a couple of years, struggling to make his way in a world that often labels creative and non-traditional kids like him, rebellious, non-cooperative…delinquent. Hank never did anything the traditional way. […]

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The Wisdom Stories Weekend

Alright my friends. The more time I work on this, the more excited I become! ❤️ I thrive in the small spaces and the deeper connections that are possible in small groups…AND have noticed this deep yearning to return to what brings me the greatest joy. I also ACHE to commune with people somewhere besides […]

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Book Gathering and Signing

If you live in Charlotte (or nearby), please consider joining me at Park Road Books.  They are located at Park Road Shopping Center, 4139 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28209. I will be there from 7 pm to 8:30 pm, on August 22nd, signing books and saying hi.  This is a kid-friendly event, so all you Girls […]

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I Can’t Unsee

Thrilled to share this radio interview with WFAE and Charlotte Talks.  Mike Collins started this radio show about the same time that I started Girls on the Run. If you’ve got 17 minutes, take a listen. Listen HERE! If you’d like to purchase a book, Go HERE.  

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