Shifting Focus

At sunset, only a few stars were visible. Two or three shown brightly and I snapped this photo. The beauty of these single stars was breathtaking. Moments later after the sun had tucked in completely behind the horizon, the night sky exploded with millions upon millions of stars…so many and so beautiful. The beauty of […]

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They’re Chewing My Shoes

Every morning I meditate. And this morning I tried three different times to get going and all three times, for whatever reason, the dogs decided they were having none of it. So for my last attempt, I set the timer for fifteen minutes instead of thirty. For about 6 minutes everybody was good and then […]

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I don’t talk about God much, out loud anyway. Mainly because that word carries a lot of weight and means different things to different people. But the helicopter crash in California that killed 9 people earlier this week has, as it has for many people, hit me in my gut in a way that is […]

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The Simple Things

Right now…as in the very minute these words are being typed out…I am seated on a day bed, with Abigail to my right, TJ to my left and Pixie in my lap. I am sipping a delish cup of coffee and wondering what to post. And then I realize…this is the post! I don’t need […]

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Grieving in America

I call this little essay “Grieving in America.” In 1969, Elisabeth Kubler Ross wrote a book called “On Death and Dying.” She outlines the five stages a person goes through when diagnosed with a fatal illness. And while Kubler Ross’s work was about those who are experiencing grief due to a recent diagnosis, some of […]

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These Boots

“Boots” These boots are more than boots. They are freedom. I can walk through water, dirt and mud and still stay nice and dry. I can walk in tall grass and dry sand and know that the critters of Texas won’t bite or sting me. These boots have just the right amount of “fur” on […]

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Trust the Process

Well…I will have results back in a couple of days. (See previous post. ❤️💜💛🧡💚) Until then, I’m moving ahead and having some fun touching base with the first “Camp Marfa” participants. The program is turning into something magical…a space and time for people to simply breathe, be, unravel, experience nature, feel joy, go inward, go […]

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