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I am sooooo excited to share this with you. Please consider joining us! “Our modern world is LOUD. Busy. Crammed full of stuff, people, information and activities. It’s easy to lose your connection with your inner world, your inner voice. But She has wisdom to share. During this simple retreat, you’ll practice accessing your own […]

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Letting Go

In 2001 I got divorced. Helen was two and Hank was five. That year and the year before were, without question, the most painful I have ever experienced. This story is not a story-book-story about the joys of co-parenting and how my children’s father and I became better friends. Nope. That’s not this story. I […]

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One of the things I most love about Far West Texas (and perhaps my greatest takeaway) is daily access to a big sky. No buildings to interfere. No forests. (I am not dissing forests.) Just wide, open land surrounded by mountains that provide depth and context. Standing in these spaces reminds me of how insignificant […]

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Out Here

I’m not a religious person. But today, while out here, on my bike and on a new route, I felt the presence of grace and god and whatever words you want to give to peace, awe, gratitude, wonder and joy. This, my friends, is where my religion lives. #Route169 #ISawOneTruck #GodTalksToMeHere

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Happy Mom’s Day

Dear Hank and Helen: I think we’ve got Mother’s Day all backwards. It’s me who should be celebrating you on this day…after all…I wouldn’t be a mother if it weren’t for you two. So I thought it might be cool to outline five of the amazing moments of motherhood…all of course shared in deep gratitude […]

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Badass—Ish 😂

I saw my first rattlesnake today, out on Pinto Canyon road. It was actually more like, on the side of the road. I just rode past her. I feel kinda-badass-ish (in the best of ways of course) and so I thought I would take a selfie to commemorate the moment. 😂😂😂😂 #TexasAintFerWoosies #IWillLoveSnakesOneDay #SnakesAreBeautifulToo #EfffectiveWayToMakeACyclistIncreaseSpeedBy1000Percent […]

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