Molly invites you to rise above your own perceived limitations and fully experience the joy of simply being yourself.

the ultimate act of heartful rebellion.

Molly invites you to rise above your own perceived limitations and fully experience the joy of simply being yourself.

the ultimate act of heartful rebellion.

Meet Molly.

A bold storyteller and unabashed truth-teller.  Trauma, addiction, recovery, and self-discovery are powerful elements of her story.  As a highly sought-after public speaker, she is known for her audacious vulnerability, her willingness to challenge society’s flawed and oppressive status quo, and her heartful allegiance to the ultimate rebellion … being oneself.

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what do you love about being YOU?

5 phases of personal development

Molly explores these five phases of personal development through experiential workshops, retreats and webinars.


A growing sense of restlessness awakens, as individuals become aware of limitations they’ve internalized as a result of external obligations, expectations and systems.

During this period, individuals may find themselves saying things like:

“I feel like there’s something more, but I just can’t put my finger on it.”

“I have everything I need to be content, and yet I am not.  What’s going on?”

“There is a stirring inside of me, but I just can’t name it yet.”


As individuals move into exploring what’s possible outside of these internalized restrictions, they may feel guilt, shame, fear.

Statements said at this time may be:

“I’m concerned that if I do what feels freeing, I am not living up to my duties, as a wife/ mother/ husband/ father/ employee.”

“My family may disown me if I share who I really am.”

“People will think I am unstable, that I have lost my mind.”


As individuals begin to examine how these internalized oppressive forces have limited their life experiences, anger may arise.

Questions asked at this time may be:

“Why did it take me so long?”

“What have I missed as a result of these limitations?”

“Why do these external forces want to control me?”



At this stage, individuals choose a new way of being, however, it is still a CONSCIOUS  decision. Because the decision is conscious, individuals:

May feel as if they are stepping into unknown territory.

May be perceived as rebellious, troublemakers, or negatively upsetting the “way things should be.”

May feel alone in their endeavors and this new “way of being.”


At this stage, individuals become their actualized selves. They no longer (or at least less frequently) feel the fear of being their full and honest selves.

“Being” becomes the default way.

Peace of mind is the new normal.

They are content and confident.




{Molly puts words to things I have been feeling my whole life, yet not able to articulate. Her stories resonate with me at a personal and professional level.
Credit Karma employee

Molly is funny, honest, and real. I laughed. I cried. I felt moved to take action. Thank you Molly for showing the change that one person with one small idea can bring to the world.

New Balance Athletic Shoe employee

I am happy to recommend Molly as a speaker. She’s inspiring and motivating and certainly leaves the audience wanting to do more for themselves and others.

Procter & Gamble employee